Sale of motor vehicles, goods or services as time sale rather than loan.

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(1) All or any part of the seller’s contracts are transferred to the holder;

(2) The holder provides contract forms to the seller and instructions for the use of the forms;

(3) The holder investigates the creditworthiness of the buyer before or after the sale;

(4) The price the holder pays the seller for the contract is more than, equal to, or less than that which the retail buyer has contracted to pay to the seller;

(5) The transfer to the holder takes place concurrently with or within a short time of the sale;

(6) The transfer is with or without recourse to the seller; or

(7) The seller purchases services or borrows money from the holder. [1977 c.274 §2; 1981 c.910 §6; 1987 c.674 §2]

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