Informing buyer of service charge and right to prepay; monthly statement.

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(2) The seller or holder of a retail charge agreement shall promptly supply the buyer with a statement as of the end of each monthly period (which need not be a calendar month) or other regular period agreed upon, in which there is any unpaid balance thereunder, which statement shall set forth the following:

(a) The unpaid balance under the retail charge agreement at the beginning and at the end of the period;

(b) Unless otherwise furnished by the seller to the buyer by sales slip, memorandum, or otherwise, a description or identification of the goods or services purchased during the period, the cash sale price and the date of each purchase;

(c) The payments made by the buyer to the seller and any other credits to the buyer during the period;

(d) The amount, if any, of any service charge for such period; and

(e) A legend to the effect that the buyer may at any time pay the total unpaid balance. [1963 c.489 §12]

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