Filings, Approval of Forms; Rate Filings.

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(1) No policy form or related form may be issued or used in this state unless it has been filed with and approved by the office as provided by laws applicable to casualty or surety insurance.

(2) Each insurer shall file with the office for informational purposes the rate to be charged and the premium to be paid by the policyholder, including all modifications of rates and premiums.

(3) An insurer may not insure mortgages that are offered for sale to the public by advertisement, whether in newspapers, brochures, direct mailings, or similar media, if the advertisement expressly or impliedly represents or stresses that the worth, value, or safety of the mortgage investment arises by virtue of the proposed mortgage guaranty insurance rather than by virtue of the safety inherent in the value of the underlying security as it relates to the face value of the mortgage debt, or if the advertisement stresses the fact that the mortgage guaranty insurance is regulated by an agency of the state or Federal Government.

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