Processing the claim.

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§ 801.3 Processing the claim.

(a) Will CSOSA/PSA contact you about your claim?

(1) If you have provided all necessary information to process your claim, you will receive an acknowledgement indicating the filing date (that is, the date CSOSA/PSA received your claim) and the assigned claim number. Refer to the claim number in any further correspondence you may have with CSOSA/PSA on the claim.

(2) If you have failed to include all necessary information, CSOSA/PSA will return your claim to you with a request for the necessary additional information.

(3) If your claim should have been filed with another agency, CSOSA/PSA will forward the claim to the appropriate agency and notify you of the transfer, or return the claim to you if the appropriate agency cannot be determined or if the transfer is otherwise not feasible.

(b) Who is responsible for offering settlement or denial on the claim? The General Counsel is responsible for investigating the claim and, after consultation with PSA (if the claim is against PSA) and the Department of Justice when appropriate, determining whether the claim should be settled or denied.

(c) How long does CSOSA/PSA have to consider your claim? CSOSA/PSA has 6 months from the date of filing to make a settlement offer or to deny your claim. If you amend your claim (see § 801.2(e)) or request that your claim be reconsidered (see § 801.4(b)(1)), CSOSA/PSA has an additional 6 months from the date of the amendment or the filing of the request for reconsideration to make a final disposition of the claim.

(d) Will appreciation or depreciation be considered? Yes, appreciation or depreciation is considered in settling a claim for lost or damaged property.

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