Filing a claim.

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§ 801.2 Filing a claim.

(a) Who may file the claim? You may file a claim for money damages against CSOSA or PSA if you believe that a CSOSA or PSA employee has injured you or has damaged or lost property that you own. You may file a claim on behalf of an injured or deceased person or owner of damaged or lost property if you are acting as agent, executor, administrator, parent, guardian, legal or other representative provided you submit evidence of your authority to act on behalf of the claimant.

(b) What information do you need to submit in your claim?

(1) The easiest way to ensure that you will include all necessary information for your claim is to submit a completed Standard Form 95 (“SF 95”). The SF 95 is available from the Office of the General Counsel, CSOSA, (see address in paragraph (c) of this section) and on the Internet at

(2) If you do not use the SF 95, you must submit written notification of the incident that resulted in the injury, loss, or damage. Along with this notification, you must present a claim for money damages in a sum certain (that is, a precise dollar amount) for injury to or loss of property, personal injury, or death alleged to have occurred on the basis of the incident. Failure to include the precise dollar amount for your claim may mean that you will have difficulty pursuing your claim in court.

(c) Where do you submit the claim? You should submit the claim (whether against CSOSA or PSA) directly to the Office of the General Counsel, CSOSA, 633 Indiana Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20004. Claims submitted to any other office of CSOSA or PSA are forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel.

(d) When must you submit the claim? You must submit the claim so that CSOSA/PSA receives the claim within 2 years after the claim accrues. Mailing the claim by that date is not sufficient if CSOSA/PSA does not receive the claim by that date. Generally speaking, a claim accrues at the time of the injury. In those instances where neither the injury nor its cause is immediately apparent, the claim accrues when you discover (or reasonably should discover) the injury and its cause.

(e) May you amend your claim? Yes, you may amend your claim at any time prior to final agency action or prior to your filing suit in court.

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