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§ 1105.4 Eligibility.

In order to be eligible to receive a financial contribution, a participant must request in advance a specific contribution with an explanation as to why the contribution is likely to result in a more satisfactory standard than would be developed without a contribution. The request for a contribution shall contain, to the fullest extent possible and appropriate, the following information:

(a) A description of the point of view, interest and/or expertise that the participant intends to bring to the proceeding;

(b) The reason(s) that representation of the participant's interest, point of view, or expertise can reasonably be expected to contribute substantially to a full and fair determination of the issues involved in the proceeding;

(c) An explanation of the economic interest, if any, that the participant has (and individuals or groups comprising the participant have) in any Commission determination related to the proceeding;

(d) A discussion, with supporting documentation, of the reason(s) a participant is unable to participate effectively in the proceeding without a financial contribution;

(e) A description of the participant's employment or organization, as appropriate; and

(f) A specific and itemized estimate of the costs for which the contribution is sought.

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