Health information technology

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§1660h. Health information technology

The Secretary, acting through the Service, may make grants to urban Indian organizations under this subchapter for the development, adoption, and implementation of health information technology (as defined in section 300jj of title 42), telemedicine services development, and related infrastructure.

(Pub. L. 94–437, title V, §518, as added Pub. L. 111–148, title X, §10221(a), Mar. 23, 2010, 124 Stat. 935 .)


Section 518 of Pub. L. 94–437 is based on section 166 of title I of S. 1790, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, as reported by the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate in Dec. 2009, which was enacted into law by section 10221(a) of Pub. L. 111–148.

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