Definitions for ORS 80.100 to 80.130.

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(1) "Approved unique identifier" means a number, combination of numbers and letters, or another identifier that the Secretary of State prescribes by rule.

(2) "Buyer" means a person who, in the ordinary course of business, buys farm products from a person engaged in farming operations who is in the business of selling farm products.

(3) "Central filing system" means a system for filing effective financing statements on a statewide basis that is operated by the Secretary of State and has been certified by the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture.

(4) "Commission merchant" means any person engaged in the business of receiving any farm product for sale, on commission, or for or on behalf of another person.

(5) "Effective financing statement" means a document filed with the Secretary of State to register and describe farm products subject to a security interest created by a debtor or seller of farm products that is an effective financing statement under the provisions of section 1324 of the Food Security Act of 1985, 7 U.S.C. 1631. An effective financing statement does not create or perfect a security interest.

(6) "Farm product" means an agricultural commodity including but not limited to wheat, corn, soybeans, or a species of fish or livestock such as cattle, hogs, sheep, horses or poultry used or produced in farming operations, or a product of such crop, fish or livestock in its unmanufactured state, including but not limited to wool clip, milk and eggs, that is in the possession of a person engaged in farming operations.

(7) "Knows" or "knowledge" means actual knowledge.

(8) "Security interest" means an interest in farm products that secures payment or performance of an obligation.

(9) "Selling agent" means any person, other than a commission merchant, who is engaged in the business of negotiating the sale and purchase of any farm product on behalf of a person engaged in farming operations. [Formerly 79.6020; 2007 c.186 §13]

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