Cancellation and termination and effect of cancellation, termination, rescission or fraud on rights and remedies.

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(2) On termination of the lease contract, all obligations that are still executory on both sides are discharged but any right based on prior default or performance survives.

(3) Unless the contrary intention clearly appears, expressions of "cancellation," "rescission" or the like of the lease contract may not be construed as a renunciation or discharge of any claim in damages for an antecedent default.

(4) Rights and remedies for material misrepresentation or fraud include all rights and remedies available under this chapter for default.

(5) Neither rescission nor a claim for rescission of the lease contract nor rejection or return of the goods may bar or be considered inconsistent with a claim for damages or other right or remedy. [1989 c.676 §52]

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