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(a) The merger is permitted by the laws of this state or by the laws of the other jurisdiction that govern the other business entity;

(b) A plan of merger is approved by each business entity that is a party to the merger;

(c) Articles of merger are filed in this state; and

(d) The limited partnership complies with all requirements imposed under the laws of this state and, if applicable, the laws of the other jurisdiction with respect to the merger.

(2) The plan of merger shall set forth:

(a) The name and type of each business entity planning to merge;

(b) The name and type of the business entity that will survive;

(c) A summary of the material terms and conditions of the merger;

(d) The manner and basis of converting the ownership interests of each owner into ownership interests or obligations of the surviving business entity or any other business entity, or into cash or other property in whole or in part, and the status of each owner; and

(e) If any party is a business entity other than a limited partnership, any additional information required for a merger by the statutes governing that business entity.

(3) The plan of merger may set forth:

(a) Amendments to the certificate of limited partnership, if a limited partnership is the surviving business entity; and

(b) Other provisions relating to the merger. [1999 c.362 §61; 2001 c.315 §21; 2003 c.80 §25]

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