When dissolution occurs.

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(1) Upon reaching the time for dissolution specified in the certificate of limited partnership.

(2) Upon the happening of events specified in writing in the partnership agreement.

(3) By the vote or such other action of the partners as is provided in writing in the partnership agreement, or if the partnership agreement does not so provide in writing, by the written consent of all partners.

(4) An event of withdrawal of a general partner unless at the time there is at least one other general partner and the written provisions of the partnership agreement permit the business of the limited partnership to be carried on by the remaining general partner and that partner does so. However, a limited partnership is not dissolved under this subsection and is not required to be wound up by reason of any event of withdrawal if, not later than the 90th day after the withdrawal, all partners agree in writing to continue the business of the limited partnership and to the appointment of one or more additional general partners if necessary or desired.

(5) Entry of a judgment or judicial order of involuntary dissolution under ORS 70.330. [1985 c.677 §45; 1987 c.543 §27]

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