Date person becomes limited partner; admission of additional limited partner.

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(a) The date the original certificate of limited partnership is filed; or

(b) The date stated in the records of the limited partnership as the date that person becomes a limited partner.

(2) After the filing of a limited partnership’s original certificate of limited partnership, a person may be admitted as an additional limited partner as follows:

(a) In the case of a person acquiring a partnership interest directly from the limited partnership, upon compliance with the partnership agreement or, if the partnership agreement does not so provide, upon the written consent of all partners.

(b) In the case of an assignee of a partnership interest, upon the occurrence of either of the following:

(A) Upon the exercise by the assignor of a power provided in ORS 70.300, to grant to the assignee the right to become a limited partner, and upon compliance with any conditions limiting the grant or exercise of the power; or

(B) Upon the consent of all partners other than the assignor. [1985 c.677 §18; 1987 c.543 §14]

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