Records required in office in state; inspection.

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(a) A current list of the full name and last-known business address of each partner specifying separately the general partners and the limited partners in alphabetical order.

(b) A copy of the certificate of limited partnership and all certificates of amendment thereto, together with executed copies of any powers of attorney pursuant to which any certificate has been executed.

(c) Copies of the limited partnership’s federal, state and local income tax returns and reports, if any, for the three most recent years.

(d) Copies of any then-effective written partnership agreements and of any financial statements of the limited partnership for the three most recent years.

(e) Unless contained in a written partnership agreement, a description of:

(A) The amount of cash and a description and statement of the agreed value of the other property or services contributed by each partner and that each partner has agreed to contribute;

(B) The times at which or events upon the happening of which any additional contributions agreed to be made by each partner are to be made;

(C) Any right of a partner to receive, or of a general partner to make, distributions to a partner which include a return of all or any part of the partner’s contribution; and

(D) Any events upon the happening of which the limited partnership is to be dissolved and its affairs wound up.

(2) The records specified in subsection (1) of this section are subject to inspection and copying at the reasonable request, and at the expense, of any partner during ordinary business hours. [1985 c.677 §6; 1987 c.543 §7]

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