Certificate of existence or authorization.

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(2) A certificate of existence or authorization when issued means that:

(a) The domestic professional corporation’s corporate name or the foreign professional corporation’s corporate name is registered in this state;

(b) The domestic professional corporation is duly incorporated under the law of this state, or the foreign professional corporation is authorized to transact business in this state;

(c) All fees payable to the Secretary of State under this chapter have been paid, if nonpayment affects the existence or authorization of the domestic or foreign professional corporation;

(d) An annual report required by ORS 58.225 has been filed by the Secretary of State within the preceding 14 months; and

(e) Articles of dissolution or an application for withdrawal have not been filed by the Secretary of State.

(3) A person may apply to the Secretary of State to issue a certificate covering any fact of record. [1987 c.94 §12]

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