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Effective - 28 Aug 1990

256.170. Definitions. — For the purposes of sections 256.170 to 256.175, the following terms shall mean:

(1) "Areas subject to natural flooding", those portions of stream valleys subject to one-hundred-year flood events;

(2) "Dams", any dam regulated by the state of Missouri;

(3) "Department", the department of natural resources;

(4) "Geologic hazard assessment", a report that identifies and describes soil and ground water conditions, karst, drinking water supplies, dams, surface water bodies, areas subject to natural flooding or flooding by dam failure, high seismic risk areas, and landslide areas and any other type of geologic related hazard which could threaten public safety. The assessment shall include geologic and surficial materials maps at a scale of 1:24,000;

(5) "High seismic risk areas", those areas in the state that can be expected to experience an intensity of ground shaking equivalent to a Modified Mercalli intensity of VI within any fifty-year period;

(6) "Karst", those areas where deep weathering of carbonate bedrock has resulted in irregular bedrock and surface topography, poorly deferred surface drainage, and rapid surface water loss and having the possibility of surface subsidence; and

(7) "Landslide areas", those areas subject to slope movement that could endanger structures.


(L. 1990 S.B. 539 § 6)

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