Enforcement of provisions, by whom — duties.

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Effective - 28 Aug 1945

254.260. Enforcement of provisions, by whom — duties. — 1. It shall be the duty of every authorized agent of the commission to assist in the enforcement of this chapter and any such rules and regulations of the commission; and it shall be the duty of all sheriffs, marshals, constables and their deputies and of all other police officers and of all prosecuting attorneys and their assistants, within their respective counties, to aid diligently in the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and all such rules and regulations.

2. Any such officer and any such agent may arrest without warrant any person caught by him or in his view violating or who he has good reason to believe is violating or has violated this chapter or any such rules and regulations, and take such person forthwith before an associate circuit judge or any court having jurisdiction, who shall proceed without delay to hear, try and determine the matter as in other criminal cases.


(L. 1945 p. 672 § 28)

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