Bridge Construction Act.

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(605 ILCS 105/0.01) (from Ch. 121, par. 191)

Sec. 0.01. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Bridge Construction Act.

(Source: P.A. 86-1324.)


(605 ILCS 105/1) (from Ch. 121, par. 192)

Sec. 1. That the assent of the State of Illinois is hereby given any corporation or association organized under the laws of this state, and subject thereto, to construct bridges across navigable rivers in this state, and upon the boundaries thereof, whenever authorized by the Congress of the United States, under such conditions and restrictions as the Congress may impose: Provided, that whenever any state bordering on the Ohio or Mississippi river has refused or neglected, and shall continue to refuse or neglect to grant privileges similar to those granted by this act, or has repealed, or shall hereafter repeal, any charter of any bridge company, organized for the purpose of building a bridge across the Ohio river or the Mississippi river, the provisions of this act shall not apply to the construction of any bridge not now commenced from any such state into this state, and no bridge shall hereafter be commenced and built into this state, or made to connect with any railroad in this state across the Ohio river or the Mississippi river from any state which has repealed or may hereafter repeal the charter of any bridge company, organized to build a bridge across the Ohio or Mississippi river, until the law repealing such bridge charter shall be repealed by such state.

(Source: Laws 1889, p. 62.)

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