Transfer of license.

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§ 6.28 Transfer of license.

(a) If a licensee sells or conveys its business involving articles covered by this subpart to another person, including the complete transfer of the attendant assets, the Licensing Authority will transfer to such other person the historical, nonhistorical or designated license issued for that quota year. Such sale or conveyance must be unconditional, except that it may be in escrow with the sole condition for return of escrow being that the Licensing Authority determines that such sale does not meet the requirements of this paragraph.

(b) The parties seeking transfer of license shall give written notice to the Licensing Authority of the intended sale or conveyance described in paragraph (a) of this section by email. The notice must be received by the Licensing Authority at least 20 working days prior to the intended consummation of the sale or conveyance. Such notice shall include electronic copies of the documents of sale or conveyance. The Licensing Authority will review the documents for compliance with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section and advise the parties in writing of its findings by the end of the 20-day period. The parties shall have the burden of demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Licensing Authority that the contemplated sale or conveyance complies with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section. Within 15 days of the consummation of the sale or conveyance, the parties shall email the final documents to the Licensing Authority. The Licensing Authority will not transfer the licenses unless the documents are submitted in accordance with this paragraph.

(c) The eligibility for a license of a person to whom a business is sold or conveyed will be determined for the next quota year in accordance with § 6.23. For the purposes of § 6.23(b)(1) the person to whom a business is sold or conveyed shall be deemed to be the person to whom the historical licenses were issued during the quota year in which the sale or conveyance occurred. Further, for the purposes of § 6.23(b) and (c), the entries made under such licenses by the original licensee during the year in which the sale of conveyance is made, shall be considered as having been made by the person to whom the business was sold or conveyed.

[80 FR 44254, July 27, 2015]

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