Initial request for records.

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§ 2710.4 Initial request for records.

(a) Background. The Information Access and Disclosure Officer is authorized to:

(1) Grant or deny requests for OIRM records.

(2) Make discretionary releases of OIRM records when it is determined that the public interests in disclosure outweigh the public and/or private ones in withholding.

(3) Reduce or waive fees to be charged where determined to be appropriate.

(b) Procedure. Persons wishing to request records from the Office of Information Resources Management may do so as follows:

(1) How. Submit each initial request for OIRM records as prescribed in 7 CFR 1.3(a).

(2) Where. Submit each initial request to the Information Access and Disclosure Officer, Office of Information Resources Management, USDA, 14th and Independence Ave., SW., Room 407-W, Washington, DC 20250.

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