Selection factors for designation of nominated rural areas.

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§ 25.301 Selection factors for designation of nominated rural areas.

In choosing among nominated rural areas eligible for designation as Empowerment Zone, Enterprise Community or Champion Community, the Secretary shall consider:

(a) The potential effectiveness of the strategic plan, in accordance with the key principles in § 25.202(a);

(b) The strength of the assurances made pursuant to § 25.200(b) that the strategic plan will be implemented;

(c) The extent to which an application proposes activities that are creative and innovative;

(d) The extent to which areas consisting of noncontiguous parcels are not so widely separated as to compromise achievement by the nominated area of a cohesive community or regional identity; and

(e) Such other factors as established by the Secretary, which include the degree of need demonstrated by the nominated area for assistance under this part and the diversity within and among the nominated areas. If other factors are established by USDA, a Federal Register Notice will be published identifying such factors, along with an extension of the application due date if necessary.

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