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§ 18.8 Noncompliance.

A university conducting a Cooperative Extension Service will be in violation of this part:

(a) If the President fails to file a program in which the Secretary concurs under § 18.3, or fails to file an appropriate amendment in accordance with § 18.3(d);

(b) If after concurrence in the President's program the Secretary finds that a university has failed to administer such program according to its terms;

(c) If the Secretary finds that any officer of the university has intimidated, coerced, or improperly pressured a complainant, employee, representative, or witness exercising the rights given him by this part or any program adopted pursuant thereto, and that corrective action has not been taken.

[33 FR 12173, Aug. 29, 1968, as amended at 38 FR 14154, May 30, 1973]

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