Exchange of witness lists, statements and exhibits.

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§ 33.22 Exchange of witness lists, statements and exhibits.

(a) At least 15 days before the hearing or at such other time as may be ordered by the ALJ, the parties shall exchange witness lists, copies of prior statements of proposed witnesses, and copies of proposed hearing exhibits, including copies of any written statements that the party intends to offer in lieu of live testimony in accordance with § 33.33(b). At the time these documents are exchanged, any party that is permitted by the ALJ to rely on the transcript of deposition testimony in lieu of live testimony at the hearing, shall provide each other party with a copy of the specific pages of the transcript it intends to introduce.

(b) If a party objects, the ALJ shall not admit into evidence the testimony of any witness whose name does not appear on the witness list or any exhibit not provided to the opposing party as provided in paragraph (a) of this Section unless the ALJ finds good cause for the failure or that there is no prejudice to the objecting party.

(c) Unless another party objects within the time set by the ALJ, documents exchanged in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section are deemed to be authentic for the purpose of admissibility at the hearing.

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