Pre-offset hearing - general.

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§ 32.5 Pre-offset hearing - general.

(a) An employee who wishes a review of the existence or amount of the overpayment or an involuntary repayment schedule may request a pre-offset hearing. The pre-offset hearing does not review:

(1) The denial of a waiver of repayment under 5 U.S.C. 5584;

(2) The involuntary repayment schedule or financial hardship caused by the amount of the involuntary deduction from the employee's disposable pay, unless the employee has submitted the financial statement and written explanation required under § 32.4(c); and

(3) The determination under paragraph (b) of this section that the pre-offset hearing is on the written submissions.

(b) Unless the Secretary determines that a matter reviewable under paragraph (a) of this section turns on an issue of credibility or veracity or cannot be resolved by a review of the documentary evidence, the pre-offset hearing is on the written submissions.

(c) A pre-offset hearing is based on the written submissions for overpayments arising from:

(1) A termination of a temporary promotion;

(2) A cash award;

(3) An erroneous salary rate;

(4) Premature granting of a within-grade increase;

(5) A lump sum payment for annual leave;

(6) Unauthorized appointment to a position;

(7) An error on time and attendance records; or

(8) Other circumstances where the Secretary determines that an oral hearing is not required.

(d) The hearing is conducted by a hearing official who is not under the supervision or control of the Secretary, except that this prohibition does not apply to the Department's administrative law judges.

(e) Formal discovery between the parties is not provided.

[52 FR 24957, July 1, 1987, as amended at 86 FR 40335, July 28, 2021]

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