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§ 93.7 Responsibilities.

(a) The General Counsel. The GC is responsible for overseeing NSA compliance with § 93.1(a) and this part 93, and for consulting with DoJ when appropriate. In response to a litigation demand requesting official information or the testimony of NSA personnel as witnesses, the GC will coordinate NSA action to determine whether official information may be released and whether NSA personnel may be interviewed, contacted, or used as witnesses. The GC will determine what, if any, conditions will be imposed upon such release, interview, contact, or testimony. In most cases, an NSA attorney will be present when NSA personnel are interviewed or testify concerning official information. The GC may delegate these authorities.

(b) The Deputy Director for Plans and Policy (DDPP). The DDPP will assist the GC, upon request, in identifying and coordinating with NSA components that have cognizance over official information requested in a litigation demand. Additionally, the DDPP will advise the GC on the classified status of official information, and, when necessary, assist in declassifying, redacting, substituting, or summarizing official information for use in litigation. The DDPP may require the assistance of other Key Component Chiefs.

(c) Chiefs of Key Components and Field Activities. Chiefs of Key Components and Field Activities shall ensure that their personnel are informed of the contents of this part 93, particularly of the requirements to consult with the OGC prior to responding to any litigation demand, and to inform the OGC whenever they receive service of process that is not clearly in their individual capacities. Field Chiefs will notify the OGC of the persons they designate under § 93.5(b)(3).

(d) The Deputy Director for Administration (DDA). Within 60 days of the date of this part, the DDA shall submit to the GC for approval procedures for the attempted delivery of service of process during duty hours when an attorney of the OGC is not available.

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