Reissuance and purpose.

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§ 70.1 Reissuance and purpose.

This part is reissued and:

(a) Establishes uniform policies, procedures, and standards for the review of discharges or dismissals under 10 U.S.C. 1553.

(b) Provides guidelines for discharge review by application or on motion of a DRB, and the conduct of discharge reviews and standards to be applied in such reviews which are designed to ensure historically consistent uniformity in execution of this function, as required under Pub. L. 95-126.

(c) Assigns responsibility for administering the program.

(d) Makes provisions for public inspection, copying, and distribution of DRB documents through the Armed Forces Discharge Review/Correction Board Reading Room.

(e) Establishes procedures for the preparation of decisional documents and index entries.

(f) Provides guidance for processing complaints concerning decisional documents and index entries.

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