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§ 69.5 Responsibilities.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management Policy (ASD (FMP)), under the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, shall:

(a) Make the final decision on all formal appeals to directives and other guidance submitted by the school board or Superintendent.

(b) Ensure the Director, DoD DDESS shall:

(1) Ensure the establishment of elected school boards in DoD DDESS arrangements.

(2) Monitor compliance by the Superintendent and school boards with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and this part. In the event of suspected noncompliance, the Director, DoD DDESS, shall take appropriate action, which will include notification of the Superintendent and the school board president of the affected DoD DDESS arrangement.

(3) Determine when the actions of a school board conflict with an applicable statute, regulation, or other guidance or when there is a conflict in the views of the school board and the Superintendent. When such conflicts occur, the Director, DoD DDESS, shall assist the Superintendent and the school board in resolving them or direct that such actions be discontinued. Such disapprovals must be in writing to the school board and the Superintendent concerned and shall state the specific supporting reason or reasons.

(c) Ensure the school board for DoD DDESS arrangements shall:

(1) Participate in the development and oversight of fiscal, personnel, and educational policies, procedures, and programs for the DoD DDESS arrangement concerned, consistent with this part.

(2) Approve agendas and prepare minutes for school board meetings. A copy of the approved minutes of school board meetings shall be forwarded to the Director, DoD DDESS, within 10 working days after the date the minutes are approved.

(3) Provide to the Director, DoD DDESS, names of applicants for a vacancy in the Superintendent's position after a recruitment has been accomplished. The school board shall submit to the Director, DoD DDESS, a list of all applicants based on its review of the applications and interviews (either in person or telephonically) of the applicants. The list of applicants will be accompanied by the recommended choice of the school board. The Director will select the Superintendent and will submit written notice with justification to the school board if the recommendation of the school board is not followed.

(4) Prepare an annual written on-site review of the Superintendent's performance for consideration by the Director, DoD DDESS. The written review shall be based on critical elements recommended by the school board and Superintendent and approved by the Director, DoD DDESS. The school board's review will be an official attachment to the Superintendent's appraisal.

(5) Participate in the development of the school system's budget for submission to the Director, DoD DDESS, for his or her approval as endorsed by the school board; and participate in the oversight of the approved budget, in conjunction with the Superintendent, as appropriate for operation of the school arrangement.

(6) Invite the Superintendent or designee to attend all school board meetings.

(7) Provide counsel to the Superintendent on the operation of the school and the implementation of the approved budget.

(8) Channel communications with school employees to the DoD DDESS Superintendent. Refer all applications, complaints, and other communications, oral or written, to the DoD DDESS Arrangement Superintendents.

(9) Participate in the development of school policies, rules, and regulations, in conjunction with the Superintendent, and recommend which policies shall be reflected in the School Policy Manual. At a minimum, the Policy Manual, which shall be issued by the Superintendent, shall include following:

(i) A statement of the school philosophy.

(ii) The role and responsibilities of school administrative and educational personnel.

(iii) Provisions for promulgation of an annual school calendar.

(iv) Provisions on instructional services, including policies for development and adoption of curriculum and textbooks.

(v) Regulations affecting students, including attendance, grading, promotion, retention, and graduation criteria, and the student code of rights, responsibilities, and conduct.

(vi) School policy on community relations and noninstructional services, including maintenance and custodial services, food services, and student transportation.

(vii) School policy and legal limits on financial operations, including accounting, disbursing, contracting, and procurement; personnel operations, including conditions of employment, and labor management regulations; and the processing of, and response to, complaints.

(viii) Procedures providing for new school board member orientation.

(ix) Any other matters determined by the school board and the superintendent to be necessary.

(10) Under 10 U.S.C. 2164(b)(4)(B), prepare and submit formal appeals to directives and other guidance that in the view of the school board adversely impact the operation of the school system either through the operation and management of DoD DDESS or a specific DoD DDESS arrangement. Written formal appeals with justification and supporting documentation shall be submitted by the school board or Superintendent to ASD(FMP). The ASD(FMP) shall make the final decision on all formal appeals. The Director, Dod DDESS, will provide the appealing body written review of the findings relating to the merits of the appeal. Formal appeals will be handled expeditiously by all parties to minimize any adverse impact on the operation of the DoD DDESS system.

(d) Ensure school board operating procedures are as follows:

(1) The school board shall operate from a written agenda at all meetings. Matters not placed on the agenda before the start of the meeting, but approved by a majority of the school board present, may be considered at the ongoing meeting and added to the agenda at that time.

(2) A majority of the total number of school board members authorized shall constitute a quorum.

(3) School board meetings shall be conducted a minimum of 9 times a year. The school board President or designee will provide school board members timely notice of all meetings. All regularly scheduled school board meetings will be open to the public. Executive session meetings may be closed under 10 U.S.C. 2164(d)(6).

(4) The school board shall not be bound in any way by any action or statement of an individual member or group of members of the board except when such action or statement is approved by a majority of the school board members during a school board meeting.

(5) School board members are eligible for reimbursement for official travel in accordance with the DoD Joint Travel Regulations and guidance issued by the Director, DoD DDESS.

(6) School board members may be removed by the ASD (FMP) for dereliction of duty, malfeasance, or other grounds for cause shown. The school board concerned may recommend such removal with a two-thirds majority vote. Before a member may be removed, the member shall be afforded due process, to include written notification of the basis for the action, review of the evidence or documentation considered by the school board, and an opportunity to respond to the allegations.

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