Costs and reimbursements.

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§ 241.9 Costs and reimbursements.

(a) Payment of Salary and Allowances. The lending organization (DoD or private sector organization) has full responsibility for payment of all salary and allowances to their employee participating in an ITEP pilot. Both DoD and private sector employees participating in the ITEP pilot are entitled to all benefits afforded to similar employees of their respective lending organizations, including medical care, according to subscribed plans and Worker's Compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty.

(b) Business Training and Travel Expenses. The engaging organization (recipient of the ITEP pilot participant) may pay for any business training and travel expenses incurred by the employee while participating in the ITEP pilot.

(c) Prohibition. A private sector organization may not charge the DoD or any agency of the Federal Government, as direct or indirect costs under a Federal contract, for the costs of pay or benefits paid by that organization to an employee assigned to a DoD Component.

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