Written agreements.

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§ 241.5 Written agreements.

(a) Before a detail begins, the DoD Component authorized approving official, private sector organization authorized approving official and the employee to be assigned to the ITEP detail must sign a three-party agreement. Prior to the agreement being signed the relevant legal office for the DoD Component shall review and approve the agreement. The agreement must include, but is not limited to the following elements:

(1) The duties to be performed and length of detail;

(2) Describe the core IT competencies and technical skills that the detailee will be expected to enhance or acquire;

(3) Identification of the supervisor of detailee.

(b) The agreement shall require DoD employees, upon completion of the assignment serve in the civil service for a period equal to the length of the detail; and

(c) Provide that if the employee of the DoD or of the private sector organization (as the case may be) fails to carry out the agreement, such employee shall be liable to the United States for payment of all expenses of the assignment, unless that failure was for good and sufficient reason as determined by the Secretary of Defense.

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