Reporting requirements.

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§ 241.12 Reporting requirements.

(a) For each of fiscal years 2010 through 2018, the Secretary of Defense shall submit annual reports to the congressional defense committees, not later than 1 month after the end of the fiscal year involved, a report on any activities carried out during such fiscal year, including the following information:

(1) Respective organizations to and from which an employee is assigned;

(2) Positions those employees held while they were so assigned;

(3) Description of the tasks they performed while they were so assigned; and

(4) Discussion of any actions that might be taken to improve the effectiveness of the Pilot program, including any proposed changes in the law.

(b) These reports will be prepared and submitted by DoD CIO in coordination with DoD Components participating in the Pilot, to the appropriate congressional committees.

[77 FR 36917, June 20, 2012, as amended at 79 FR 27488, May 14, 2014]

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