Other penalties and rewards.

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§ 229.17 Other penalties and rewards.

(a) Section 6 of the Act contains criminal prohibitions and provisions for criminal penalties. Section 8(b) of the Act provides that archaeological resources, vehicles, or equipment involved in a violation may be subject to forfeiture.

(b) Section 8(a) of the Act provides for rewards to be made to persons who furnish information which leads to conviction for a criminal violation or to assessment of a civil penalty. The Federal land manager may certify to the Secretary of the Treasury that a person is eligible to receive payment. Officers and employees of Federal, State, or local government who furnish information or render service in the performance of their official duties, and persons who have provided information under § 229.16(b)(1)(iii) shall not be certified eligible to receive payment of rewards.

(c) In cases involving Indian lands, all civil penalty monies and any item forfeited under the provisions of this section shall be transferred to the appropriate Indian or Indian tribe.

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