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§ 145.5 Responsibilities.

(a) The Secretaries of the Military Departments and the Director, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), shall prescribe implementing documents to ensure that:

(1) The policies, standards, and procedures set forth in this part are administered in a manner that encourages consistency in responding to investigations of alleged prohibited personnel practices.

(2) Alleged illegal or improper conduct referred to a Military Department or the DLA by the OSC or by OSD is carefully investigated.

(3) There is full cooperation with the IG, DoD, and the General Counsel, Department of Defense (GC, DoD), including assignment of military and civilian attorneys to represent employees suspected or accused by the OSC of committing a prohibited personnel practice or an otherwise illegal or improper act.

(b) The General Counsel, Department of Defense (GC, DoD) shall provide overall legal guidance, whether by the issuance of regulations or otherwise, on all issues concerning cooperation with the OSC. This authority extends to:

(1) Ensuring that DoD legal counsel is assigned upon request to represent a DoD employee suspected or accused by the OSC of committing a prohibited personnel practice or an illegal or improper act when the act complained of was within the scope of the employee's official responsibilities and such representation is in the interest of the Department of Defense; or, in unusual situations, that outside legal counsel is engaged where the use of DoD counsel would be inappropriate, and the same conditions are satisfied.

(2) Providing DoD legal counsel to seek intervention for the purpose of representing the interests of OSD or a Defense agency (other than the DLA) in an MSPB hearing resulting from charges of misconduct against an employee of OSD or a Defense agency, under the authority of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.

(3) Seeking the assistance of the Department of Justice in responding to requests by employees for legal representation in obtaining judicial review of an order by the MSPB, under 5 U.S.C. 1207.

(4) Modifying § 145.3 and Appendix to this part and issuing supplementary instructions concerning all aspects of DoD cooperation with the OSC, including instructions on OSC investigations of allegedly arbitrary and capricious withholding of information under the Freedom of Information Act or violations of the Hatch Act.

(5) Reviewing for adequacy and legal sufficiency with the IG, DoD, each report of an investigation that must be personally reviewed by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Defense on action taken or to be taken in response to an OSC finding of reasonable cause to believe there has been a violation of law, rule, or regulation, not including a prohibited personnel practice or allegation referred to the Attorney General of the United States for appropriate action.

(c) The Inspector General, Department of Defense (IG, DoD) shall:

(1) Investigate, or cause to be investigated, as appropriate, any complaint referred to the Department of Defense by OSC.

(2) Coordinate, where feasible, investigative efforts by DoD Components and the OSC, with particular emphasis on those conducted or initiated by action of the OSC.

(3) Submit the results of any investigation conducted under this part to the appropriate General Counsel.

(d) The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Administration) (DASD(A)) shall serve as the Senior Management Official, as described in § 145.6(b) concerning allegations by the OSC of prohibited personnel practices or other illegal or improper acts in the OSD.

(e) The General Counsels of the Military Departments and the General Counsel of the Defense Logistics Agency shall have the same authority for their respective Components as given to the General Counsel, DoD, under paragraphs (b) (1) and (2) of this section.

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