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§ 108.6 Responsibilities.

(a) The USD(P&R) shall:

(1) Evaluate requests for and where appropriate, grant exceptions to policy established by this part and DoD Directive 5124.02,[10] including waiver of reimbursement, to the extent allowed by law.

(2) Following approval of the USD(P) and in coordination with USD(P) and the GC, DoD, and in accordance with DoD Directive 5530.3,[11] begin negotiations, negotiate, and have the authority to sign RHCAs.

(b) The USD(P) shall evaluate requests and determine DoD mission interest for Secretarial Designee Status and RHCAs to identify those agreements that would be in the best interest of the Department of Defense and approve negotiations of RHCAs by the USD(P&R).

(c) The USD(C) shall in coordination with USD(P&R), establish appropriate reimbursement rates, including appropriate interagency rates and rates applicable to students in International Military Education and Training programs.

(d) The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics shall evaluate requests for Exception to the Transportation Policy. The authority to grant such a exception is by USD(P&R) or the Secretary of the Military Department concerned.

(e) The Secretaries of the Military Departments shall:

(1) Issue, revise or modify as appropriate, regulations to comply with this part.

(2) Appoint a Military Department representative who will administer the Secretarial Designee Program within the Military Department and coordinate with other DoD Components in its effective operation.

(3) Where and when appropriate, the Military Department concerned shall coordinate with U.S. Transportation Command/Global Patient Movement Requirements Center.

(4) Identify Secretarial Designees treated at MTFs.

(5) Provide an annual consolidated list reflecting the number of Secretarial Designees within their departments, reasons for such designation, location where designee is receiving treatment, the costs and sources of funding, nature and duration of treatment and expiration date of designee status to USD(P&R) and USD(C). The annual report is due 30 days after the start of the fiscal year reflecting the prior fiscal year's information.

(i) In cases where the USD(P&R) designates an individual as a Secretarial Designee, the Military Department concerned shall include this individual on any lists provided to USD(P&R) and USD(C) for reporting purposes.

(ii) Annually consolidate Secretarial Designee patient costs and forward those data to USD(P&R) and OSD(C), along with a report of collection for reimbursable costs.

(f) The Commanders of the Geographic Combatant Commands (GCCs) shall:

(1) Refer requests to waive reimbursement through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the USD(P&R).

(2) Refer requests for Secretarial Designee status for medical care in the United States through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to USD(P&R).

(3) Through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, provide written annual reports to the USD(P&R) and USD(C) reflecting the number of individuals designated as Secretarial Designees within their geographic area of responsibility, the reasons for such designation, the expected duration of such designation, the costs and sources of funding authorizing the support of such designee status for each designee.

(4) Identify Secretarial Designees treated at MTFs within their geographic area of responsibility.

(5) Provide for an accounting and collection system for reimbursement of medical costs within their geographic area of responsibility.

(g) The Commander, United States Transportation Command shall:

(1) Coordinate patient movement with all concerned Military Departments.

(2) Upon request of the Military Department concerned or Commanders of the GCCs, determine availability of DoD transportation assets, or when cost effective, coordinate with civilian ambulance authorities, to effect transportation of Secretarial Designee as appropriate.

(3) Ensure the Global Patient Movement Requirements Center, as the regulating agency, will consistently serve as the single point of contact for patient movement for Secretarial Designee patients using DoD assets upon request.

(4) Annually consolidate Secretarial Designee patient listing who utilized the DoD patient movement system and forward to USD(P&R) and USD(C).

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